Thursday, October 21, 2010

Atlas Comics

Atlas comic books are returning to the stands. Finally! When the original Atlas comics were coming out, I was in my early teens, which was really my personal Golden Age of comic book collecting. I was very excited about the launch of a new line of comic books. I really enjoyed the variety of titles Atlas offered. My favorite Atlas book was Iron Jaw.I remember walking several miles each way for my new comic books back then, which I purchased at convenience marts. If I could manage to, I would get to several different marts, as none seemed to quite have everything that came out. Man, those were the days, getting new comic books at Circle Ks and 7-11s. In Phoenix there was one drug store that seemed to really respect comics and had a great selection of titles, and it was a rare treat when I could get to that store and pick up books I hadn't seen elsewhere.I was absolutely disheartened when Atlas folded. I couldn't be happier that they're back, and am greatly looking forward to the new launch. Thanks to those involved in making this day possible.
Be sure to check out What a great website featuring Atlas Comics, and an awesome message board to boot!

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