Friday, September 10, 2010

My Letter Published By Dark Horse In Dr Solar #2

Here's a transcript of the letter I had published by Dark Horse Comics in Doctor Solar #2. It pertains to Doctor Solar 1, and could be taken as kind of a review of that issue, complete with spoilers.

Dear Dark Horse,
What a wonderful feeling to be able to read a brand-new comic book written by Jim Shooter that kicks off his being head writer in the launch of a new line of comic books! I have to start by thanking Mike Richardson and Dark Horse Comics for making this possible.
Now, regarding the first issue of the new Doctor Solar. One of my favorite things about Shooter's writing is that he creates magical moments in his stories. This issue was full of said moments. Solar creating a visual from his memories and displaying the event that changed him was fresh and historic. Seeing Leviathan throw what he believed to be the dead body of Doctor Solar into a dumpster was a nice touch. I've never seen a villain, or hero for that matter, dispose of a defeated adversary in such a manner before in a comic book. It made . . . sense.
It was nice to see Nuro in the first issue. It will be interesting to see what Shooter's up to with the evil genius. We already see him making some sort of grab for data relating to nuclear power. Can Nero be after the ultimate power in this day and age, the ability to make a nuclear bomb?
Gail Sanders made her historic first Dark Horse appearance, albeit a brief one. She's around long enough, though, for us to see her brilliance, as she "has theorized that consciousness exists in a quantum field generated by brain cells, and that the field may persist even after the brain is annihilated." Her theory aptly sets up the explanation of how Phillip Solar came back to life, strangely changed, after briefly dying following the nuclear accident he experienced, which was facilitated by Nuro's atomic spy.
In addition to the new versions of three storied Gold Key characters making their first Dark Horse appearances, we were also introduced to one Whitmore Pickeral. While it remains to be seen just what is the level of importance Pickeral brings to the new storyline, or perhaps even eventually to the other books in this new line, Shooter has obviously given him great potential, with Pickeral being able to create life with his own mind. I can't wait to see what develops here.
Now, enough about that Shooter guy. The Michael Komarck cover managed to capture the spirit of the issue. Dennis Calero is an outstanding selection as artist. He seemed to understand and deliver exactly what Shooter wanted out of each scene, and I really liked the way he gave Doctor Solar and some of the other characters a defined look, not overly muscle-bound like so many artists draw each of their characters. His colors were beautiful, keeping up with the quality of the other elements of the book. I sleep well at night knowing Shooter has an editor like Chris Warner on this book, and I'm pleased Blambot! is providing letters for Doctor Solar as well.
I'm expecting the Doctor Solar title to spearhead this new line of comics and infuse a significant shot of life into the comic book industry. Thanks again, Dark Horse, for making this all possible. Major props. The eyes of the industry are now on you.

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